Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CMA Fest.....Barnyard Bistro Style

CMA Fest was amazing. Playing for and meeting fans from all over the country and hanging out with my fellow country artists at the City of Hope Softball game, SO FUN! I had some amazing friends that came in town to spend the week with me and we had the most amazing lunches followed by the most scrumptious 3 hour dinners! You know how us girls can be when we get a a get the point! Here is a list of the amazing restaurants we visited during CMA Fest 2013....they are all a MUST and I promise they will NOT disappoint.

Midtown Cafe ~

Easily becoming a new favorite! For starters, they serve a basket of mini scratch biscuits (Yum, I know!!) Then there is the flash fried spinach, filet, lobster polenta cake, soups, salads..... Amazing...The hubs ordered the veal trio and was pretty impressed. There is a reason this is a local hot spot for industry insiders. The story is told that the owner purchased the restaurant on the ONE condition that with it comes the recipe for the Lemon Artichoke Soup that they are famous for.

Park Cafe ~

Whoa mama! Hold onto to your top button.... Your gonna want to order the whole menu here. They do a seasonal menu and this visit was kicked off with chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates and goat cheese brûlée drizzled with local honey. For dinner they offered a 12oz pork porterhouse (yes, PORK!) and of course the boys were all over that! for the girls....roasted chicken with asparagus hash...yum. We passed on dessert but can I just say... their Huckleberry Doughnut with buttermilk ice cream and walnut streusel was pretty hard to resist! Maybe next time.

Burger Up ~

Yum! Gourmet beef, bison, turkey and salmon burgers! They also have one of my favorite side items EVER: Parmesan Truffle French Fries. And if that isn't enough, they make a honey mustard style aioli and a house ketchup to go with all of it. 

The Southern ~

To start off they have kick you in the ass bleu cheese steak n' biscuits and they have killer raw and char-grilled oysters. For our entrées the girls got "The Belle" filet with a variation of sides: cheddar grits, whipped potatoes, white cheddar mac & cheese and sauteed butternut squash with goat cheese. The guys ordered the "Nudie Suit" steak where they got to go up to the chef and actually select a custom cut of steak they got grilled asparagus, whipped potatoes and hand cut fries. This is one of my highest recommendations and me and my family love going here when we're in town!

Zoe's Kitchen ~

This is a lunch favorite for me. Healthy, fresh, Mediterranean food. Love the chicken kabobs! They also have really yummy hummus and braised white beans. But the kicker here....a chocolate chip cookie that literally melts in your mouth and spans about 6 inches wide!! I usually get one and keep it in my purse to snack on for 2 days

Sunset Grill~

This is another local favorite. The same owner of Midtown Cafe and it is equally as good with a larger menu. We started off with the Alabama Royal Red Shrimp Bruschetta and Lemon Pepper Fried Calamari both of which were pretty great...but I'm a calamari girl myself. We then moved onto the entree ordering everything from the famous Voodoo Pasta to Coca-Cola BBQ Beef Short Ribs to the Mediterranean Pasta to Pizza and even Sea Scallops. I didn't hear one person say they didn't LOVE their meal. That's when you know its good!


I hit this spot for breakfast but its also a favorite for lunch! I L-O-V-E the Matzoh Ball Soup and Latkes. They also have amazing sandwiches and you can get breakfast ALL DAY! We do not have Jewish deli's like this where I live in Oklahoma so I take full advantage of it when I can find one and this one I hit 2-3 times per week when I'm in Nashville. 

Pancake Pantry~

I didn't make it here this trip but I drove by and drooled over it a lot so I decided that it counts and deserves a spot on the list! You seriously MUST GO! And it is well worth the sometimes hour wait to get a table.

Let me know how you like these favorites and what you order when you go!



  1. Seriously, you MUST HAVE read my mind, I'm planning a trip to Nashville for the end of October this year. This is SOOOO what I need, thanks a bunch girl.

    1. OMG I have so many more to add! Try these too!

      Lucy's Country Cafe (check out "Sing For Your Supper" night)
      417 Union
      The Grilled Cheeserie Truck (look online for location and time)

  2. I will so do them all, sadly my trip has been postponed til next year. One unemployed boyfriend and too many medical procedures for yours truly. I WILL make it back. I so have all this FABULOUS INFO saved. Thanks girlie. YOU ROCK ♥