Friday, June 21, 2013

Girls Night In

Forget "Girls Night Out" me and my girls would rather have a "Girls Night In". We love wine, cooking, story-telling, laughing, and curling up in front of a movie, or better yet...a fire. You just can't do all of that at a noisy bar. So...we started a club, and not just any club.... a cooking club! We get together once a month or every few months (whatever our schedules allow) and cook amazing food! Not everyone in the club knows how to cook so those girls learn, while the others of us teach. Domesticating Oklahoma's women one cooking night at a time! It all started with a night at the horse races for a birthday party where alcohol may have been served...ideas started flowing (again, that wasn't the only thing) and we all made a date to get together. Just wanted to share some pics from our first official "Cooking Club" night, hoping that it will inspire you to gather amazing friends in your kitchen and learn from each others mad cooking skills! This night we made Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Chicken Parmesan with pasta from scratch and a recipe that I posted earlier this week,  Wine Poached Pears with vanilla cream, Yum!



  1. What a AWESOME IDEA, good for you girl, love it. We had Girls day, the 1st Sunday of every month. Two of my great aunts, 2 cousins, mom, sister & I would go see a girl movie then go eat.No kids or men, since the passing of one of my cousins we haven't done it, love & miss them.