Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Roasted Okra

I'm Baaaaaaaack! This last 5 weeks has been so amazing and fun for me, hope you guys haven't missed me too much. It has been an incredible step forward in my music career. I traveled cross-country on my tour bus meeting with radio stations at every turn. I saw parts of the country that I had never seen and even made a stop in the hometown of my favorite NFL football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. For a sports fanatic like myself that was HUGE. I didn't get to go visit the stadium but I did get to see it from the highway ::thumbs up:: as we were headed out of town.

Although I was having fun, I did miss my hubby, pups, family and working in my garden every morning. I came home to find out that we have okra coming out of our ears! 5 gallons of okra in just 1 week! Everyone loves fried okra and if you don't, you should get that checked out, something is definitely wrong! As much as I love fried okra, it isn't exactly waistline friendly so I'm always trying to find a way to prepare it that doesn't include a vat of oil. I shared my Stewed Okra recipe back in July so I thought I would share this Roasted Okra recipe with you today. These are fantastic as a side dish or a snack. This is as close to fried okra as you can get without the breading and frying. I simply cannot get enough of these tasty little green goodies.

1 lb okra (2-3 inches in size)
2 Tbsp Olive oil (I use a Misto oil sprayer instead to keep fat even lower)
Kosher salt
Ground black pepper

Wash the okra and pat dry. Cut the stems and the very ends off of the okra. Rub or spray olive oil onto okra. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lay flat on a baking sheet lined with foil. Roast at 450 degrees for 30 minutes, shaking pan every 10 minutes. Carefully remove from oven and serve.

NOTE: Make sure that the okra you choose is about 3 inches in length. The bigger they are, the tougher and more fibrous they become.

Enjoy! XOXO


  1. I can honestly say I have never ever in my life tried a Okra. I hear the love/hate about them, some love them some hate them with a passion. LOL Might have to give it a try just for shits and giggles. Thanks girl..Welcome back home.

  2. Okra may be the best food ever made.

    1. I totally agree! And one of the easiest to grow yourself