Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Get Your Redneck On Fan Photos

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to submit your own photos showing you while you're getting your redneck on and boy did we have some submissions! I beam with pride at all the redneck-ed-ness that there is out there in the good ole U.S. of A. Here are a few of my favorites along with a few captions from yours truly:

The family that shoots together stays together....(and I love that mom's gun is pink!)

This little ornery thing....I think his face says it all! (and I thought he was flipping me the bird twice over when I first saw this)

INTRUDER BEWARE: (not of his shooting...just of him...he is full of mischief)
And the well runs dry... 
This is my kind of fishin' trip! Just a little reward after reelin' in the big catch.

This is my duck huntin' family. Y'all go down to Stutgart, AR ya hear?! 

 Love Love Love this pic! Only a good redneck knows when the morel mushrooms are in get 2 weeks in the Spring and 2 weeks in the Fall. Fry those puppies up!

 Again, here is a pic that needs no caption other than "Get Your Redneck On" and they totally did!

Thank you guys so much for your submissions! I love seeing that me and my family aren't the only rednecks around. Y'all keep 'em coming....and I'll keep getting giggles out of it.

Get Your Redneck On!


  1. Thank you for sharing our photo Krystal! We look forward to hearing great things from you in the future!
    Renee Dean