Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pike's Place Market - Seattle, WA

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you saw that I got to visit Seattle for the first time last week on my radio tour. We got a little bit of time to take in the city and on the top of my list was to visit Pike's Place Market. It was everything I thought it would be and more! I wanted to share some of my favorite finds....

So on the way to the market, we stopped at a Starbucks - where I learned that Starbucks originated in Seattle (I'm always the last to know!) 

And then arrived here: (as the skies opened and the angels sang - aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!)

The first thing I noticed were the rows and rows of incredible bouquets that were only $10!! I immediately felt duped by the $60 bouquets I'm always sending from florists.... This alone made me want to move to Seattle, just so I could have gorgeous fresh $10 flower bouquets all over my house.

Then my growling stomach pulled me into this gorgeous display of baked french pastries. And this is where I stood, drooling, until one of my travel companions pulled me away kicking and screaming. 

One of the coolest things about Pike's Place was the fresh fish. I wanted to buy a bunch and take it home but then was reminded that we still have 2 days left of car rides, hotels and plane travel. Apparently raw fish wasn't something that anyone I was traveling with thought was a good idea? Hmm.... 

This guy was a fish packin' fool 

Big ole fresh prawns. Yum...

Then came Mr. Eric Freeman. He was playing some good ole tunes and we decided to join him. I asked if he knew any Janis Joplin, he said no but he knew Jimmy Buffett. I asked about Son of a Preacher Man, he said no but he knows Little Richard. Then for giggles I asked if he knew any Toby Keith and I'll be damned if we didn't end up breaking into some "Ain't As Good As I Once Was" and yes...there's video.

These shrimp were as big as my hand. I didn't even know they made shrimp that big!

I was just being a poser the ORIGINAL Starbucks. We had already had our coffee allowance for the day at the non-original Starbucks that you saw us at earlier in this post.

Again with the food, and again I stood and drooled. I felt like I was in Paris where on every corner you walk by the most amazing looking bistro with a display full of breads, quiches and pastries that look too good to be real.

And then there was this...I couldn't figure out if it was a massage parlor or...well, I won't tell you what other thoughts went across my mind. It turned out to be a restaurant - my mind felt shameful and dirty for not assuming that in the first place.

Eww.... Apparently "Monkfish" is a thing...and that thing is ugly and gross.

The "Gum Wall" .... This was just gross. They literally had signage pointing you to it like a landmark. I almost threw up AGAIN just looking at the picture...not gonna say who in my party added to the collection (and it wasn't me)

And we closed 'em down. They packed up and hit the road, as did we. What an amazing experience. Love, Love, Love Seattle and I look forward to coming back many times over!

The End. XOXO~

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