Friday, March 28, 2014

Chocolate Cups (with a trick for melting)

I mentioned a few weeks back in my Caprese Pasta Salad post that I had helped to host a baby shower for my friend Ashley. One of the little bite-sized sweets that I decided to serve was mini chocolate cups filled with peanut butter mousse. A few friends were so excited about learning how to make these as well as my chocolate warming trick that I thought I would share with y'all too!

I went to a baking supply here in town and bought a couple little mini reeses style candy molds. I made a pit-stop at a craft store for a brand new paint brush with clear bristles (make sure it is a good quality so that it doesn't shed- the clear bristles are just to help you see through so you know its been cleaned out well). I melted 2-3 blocks of chocolate almond bark in a small glass prep bowl and using the paint brush, started painting a thin layer into the molds. I then popped them into the freezer for a minute to let them set up before repeating the process a couple more times until I could no longer see light through the candy when held up to the light. After the final trip to the freezer, I popped them out and set them aside. Here is where you learn about the trick: The chocolate coating was beginning to harden as I went along, which made me feel rushed, and its rude to rush the creative process, so I got inventive...

I would never admit that I tried this if it hadn't worked and yes, my husband thought I had gone crazy, but that was before he saw it working awesomely (thank God!) and began admiring my ingenuity rather than diagnosing my insanity. I grabbed my "Scentsy" style warmer and took the top plate off (the part that holds the wax) and placed my glass bowl of chocolate coating over the light instead. This was perfect! It didn't get too hot that the candy overheated and it did not get too hot to handle (for me - be careful testing this for yourself),  it was just right. As it got low, I even added a new block of candy and let it melt slowly as I continued working. Even when the candy coating hardened on my brush when I'd get distracted, which I always do, I would just brush it around the inside of the glass bowl and the heat would melt it right back down. I don't know what kind of projects you love to do that require melted candy coating but if you have a Scentsy style wax warmer...try this trick to keep your chocolate hot and ready! And yes, they sell official chocolate warming thingies somewhere I'm sure, but on a whim and without having to store another piece of junk I'll rarely use, I'll stick to my Scentsy. I love dual-purpose!

Here are my little chocolate cups...notice that the inside of the cups aren't as pretty as the outside. The inside will be hidden by whatever yummy filling you choose!

 **Obviously use caution when using this trick and do not leave it unattended**

Enjoy! XOXO~

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  1. These are adorable! What a clever idea :) Thank you for sharing!