Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My 2014 Christmas Wish List

1.  Dogeared Necklaces ~ Dogeared.com ~ $26-$78

2. Canvas Totes ~ Etsy Store Ex Libris Journals ~ $15-$20 ~ 20% OFF Coupon Code: HOLIDAY20

3. Benefit's They're Real Mascara ~ Ulta.com ~ $23 ~ $3.50 OFF Coupon Code: 206710

4. Fit Bit Zip or Fit Bit Flex Wristband Activity Trackers ~ Best Buy ~ $54 & $94

5. Naked 2 Basics Shadow Palette ~ Ulta.com ~ $29 ~ $3.50 OFF Coupon Code: 206710

6. Mighty Purse ~ Handbag Butler ~ $99-$159

7. Define Bottle Lite ~ DefineBottle.com ~ $17 ~ 10% OFF Coupon Code: myhealthydish

8. Knot + Bow Designs Jewelry ~ KnotAndBowDesigns.com ~ $20-$120

1. I love these Dogeared necklaces! They are the perfect gift to express an emotion, a personality trait or a dream with their "I Am Strong", "Bestfriend", and  "One In A Million". They also capture life's best little moment's with their "Bride" and "100 Good Wishes" Collections.

2. You can never have too many canvas totes! These cute little expression totes are perfect for a trip to the grocery store or the farmers market, a picnic in the park or a day at the beach. These are cute, inexpensive gifts that every girl loves to get and will be used over and over again for all sorts of little trips and adventures.

3. Forget Visa, I never leave home without this mascara! I literally have one in my purse, one in my car, 2 or 3 in my bathroom vanity. I have never recommended a product more highly than I recommend this mascara! It doesn't clump, it's thin enough that it goes on and lengthens for a natural look but builds into long, thick, red carpet lashes.

4.  The most festive time of the year is always followed by renewed faith in the good things that are to come in the new year. For many women, that faith includes a resolution to hit the gym more, be more active, or eat right. The fit bit is an excellent way to be accountable. You can invite and join other friends to keep each other on track. You can challenge a spouse, friend or family member to see who has the most activity by the end of each week and see the progress each of you are making. A husband could join in on the fun by springing for the 2-pack they offer so that he can track his own progress. Think, winner gets to pick the date-night movie or receives a healthy breakfast in bed.

5. As a licensed Cosmetologist, I'm picky when it comes to my hair and make-up products. This is the perfect eye-shadow palette for almost all women day to night and coming from me, that says a lot. It has a good spectrum of neutrals and is petite in size so it is easy to throw in a purse and doesn't take up much space when packing for a short trip. I even use it for highlighting and contouring when I'm in a pinch. All of Urban Decay's Naked palettes are pretty amazing and I highly recommend them all but this if I could only choose one, I'd take this one because of it's size and versatility.

6. I was browsing through one of my favorite Nashville boutiques when I came across these precious little wristlet purses. When I found out that they also pull double-duty as a phone charger I almost did a back-flip (but I didn't....mostly because I haven't been able to do or attempted a back flip since I was 8). I am forever charging my phone. Like most of us, I can't live without my smart phone because it is my portable office and has all of my photos, emails and for all I know, inner-most thoughts on it. I have been through at least 10 battery phone cases. Each one used until I inevitably drop and shatter it. I also rarely carry a large purse for quick errands, I opt for a small wallet or wristlet and this one is perfect. My phone can charge while it is sitting in my purse, as I run around living life!

7. For the healthy water-drinker in your life, what better gift than a water bottle that encourages fruit infusion, and filters out the bits of pulp for you? I was super excited when I saw the Define Bottles. They come in all different styles and sizes but my favorite is the Lite. It is perfect sized and has a filter screen built right into the cap.

8. I stumbled across Knot + Bow a few months ago when I was shopping for a few necklaces and fell in love with their stuff. I couldn't stop adding pieces to my cart and before I knew it....I was justifying the need for all of the extra bracelets, earrings and rings I threw in. Each of their collections offered on the site right now are perfectly on trend. I am seeing arrowheads and crystals left and right in all my favorite stores. I love the earthy, hippie feel of some of their pieces but the versatility to wear them with anything. They are also super affordable for the quality of pieces you're getting.

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